Contact Info
Name: Tom Lynch
Me: I'm a computer programmer who enjoys drawing. And thus, a webcomic was born. I'm currently kickin it in the PA/DE area.

The Comic: Started with an awesome joke about plastic weaknesses and grew into what it is today. While the main characters (Mark and Henry) began as characters based upon myself and Jon respectively, I feel like they've grown their own identities and are off having their own adventures.

Q: Why Do you Do what you Do?
A: Because it's fun. You look at guys like Dave Kellet, Scott Kurtz, and Mike and Jerry, and you see what the medium is capable of. I aspire to someday reach those heights, but for now, I'm content just putting up the best comic I can and hope other people enjoy it.

Q: No, I meant the programming
A: Oh, sorry. Um, I do that because I'm good at it and it pays the bills.

Q: How do you draw the comic?
A: The early strips were penciled and inked on paper, and then scanned in and colored in photoshop. Then when I invested in a Wacom tablet, they were all done completely digitally. But was still following the same sequence with pencils down first, then inks over it, and finally colors. But after PittCon and getting some good ol' fashioned pencils and paper comics down, I'm back to my old habits. See if you can find where these breaks were!

Q: Can I be in the comic?
A: Short answer: No. Long answer: I have a bad habit of offering up parts in the comic to friends, but only when I've been drinking. So if you can find me after I've had a few, you might be able to talk your way into a strip.

Q: Why don't you always update on time?
I do this for fun. I'm not making any amount of money that lets me do only this. As a result, things can get in the way. Mainly work, which is how I'm even able to afford the hosting for this thing.

Q: What do you use to update your site?
As a programmer, I built this site from scratch. I developed my own blogging software which I can modify and update at anytime. I did use wordpress for a while, but any time I tried to make a change to it, it just took forever. Now I own and have written all of the code so I can do what I want, when I want.