Meeting the Quota
Friday | September 24th, 2010
1MARK: Sammi! I didn't think you'd want to work here.
SAMMI: Why not? I like comics, and besides, I can use the extra cash
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2MARK: Great, you can be our manga girl
SAMMI: What? Manga girl? But I don't read manga
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3MARK: Shhh! Don't let anyone hear that! Every shop needs a manga girl. You're it.
SAMMI: Fine, but if someone asks me about tentacles, I'm gonna kick you in yours
MARK: ...fine
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Character Info
 First Appearance
 Feb 22, 2006 | Uwe Boll
 Most Recent Appearance
 Jan 14, 2013 | Return to Sender

 First Appearance
 Jan 04, 2010 | Indeed
 Most Recent Appearance
 Sep 29, 2010 | Perfect Timing