30 Extra Leg Drops - WWE Survivor Series 2015

survivorseries2015.jpgWWE Pay Per View time is once again upon us with one of my favorites: Survivor Series. Heading into this year, we had a couple big storylines, some planned, some arose out of opportunity, but all were supposed to figure heavily into the show.  The chief of which was Seth Rollin's injury causing him to vacate his title and bring on a King of the Ring style tournament for a completely separate show.  Then we've got Undertaker celebrating 25 years wrestling, which is totally insane. So many other wrestler's careers started and ended in a fraction of that time, it's nuts he's still around. Did these stories carry their weight? Let's find out!

And as always, we're answering the three most important questions in wrestling for each match:

  1. What Happened?
  2. What Should Have Happened?
  3. Why Should You Care?

The Setup: Survivor Series was traditionaly a show with huge elimination matches. Sometimes with consequences, sometimes not, but they were always fun.  This year however, we only got one, with every other match being a standard 1v1 or 2v2.  I was very dissapointed in that aspect to start off the night.

Beer of Choice: Laguanitas Sucks. A beer standing at 8% took less than two to get through the show.

RomanReigns.jpgdef.jpgalbertodelrio.jpg (WWE Championship Tournament)

  1. Reigns speared ADR into oblivion after he flipped around the ring a lot pulling Reigns' arm.
  2. Reigns had to win. Part of my frustration with this and the other match in this tournament below is that both had other titles holders involved (ADR-USA, Kevin Owens - Intercontinental). So not only is it obvious that neither will win the match, we don't get proper title defenses for either. Apparently their way of elevating those titles is to have the current champions feel like they don't matter and they should go for the WWE Championship?  Sounds more like the WWE Championship is the only one that matters.
  3. Only because this means Reigns is now in the final match to win the title.

DeamAmbrose.jpgdef.jpg kevinowens.jpg(WWE Championship Tournament)

  1. Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds to take out Kevin Owens in what was an entertaining match.  Both have unothodox methods to their moves, and they worked well together. I'm hoping they can get a rivalry going, but Ambrose may be sucked into main title status now.
  2. Again, with Kevin Owens already having the Intercontinental Title, he had to lose.  Just bad booking.
  3. And again, because this means Ambrose has a shot at the WWE Title.



newday.jpgSheamus.jpgKingBarrett.jpg(Survivor Series Match! FINALLY!)

  1. Ok, we're gonna run this down: Sin Cara elminated King Barrett. Xavier Woods eliminated Jimmy Uso. Sheamus eliminated Sin Cara. Jay Uso eliminated Big E. Then both Xavier and Kofi escorted Big E out of the arena in a pretty funny bit. BUT, since The New Day was by far the most interesting part of the match, you could just feel the audience deflate. Sheamus was then eliminated by Ryback to end it.
  2. This match should have had some stakes to it. If New Day loses, they have to defend the belts to one of the opposing teams, or if Sheamus is the first one eliminated, he looses Money in the Bank. Something. ANYTHING. It was a fine match, but bleh.
  3. Any chance to see more of the New Day, especially when all three can work, is great. But most everyone else felt like filler.  This is one you can just forget about and move on from.

charlotte.jpgdef.jpg paige.jpg(Divas Championship)

  1. In the lone title defense of the night, Charlotte used the Figure Eight to force Paige to tap out. It was one of the more physical matches of the night, Paige played up the heel and Charlotte stood fast. It was fun to watch.
  2. Charlotte had to keep the belt. I'm sure she'll drop it to Paige eventually, but she needs to be a credible champion. But anything to get more matches like that.
  3. The women's division is looking better, so having a good champion is important. We need to see more from Becky Lynch and especially Sasha Banks before we can really have some fun.

tylerbreeze.jpgdef.jpg DolphZiggler.jpg

  1. Tyler Breeze hit an Unprettier to take out Dolph Ziggler.  And this was my "Zone Out Match of the Night"™. It's crazy that Dolph went from one of the best matches at least year's Survivor Series to taking part in this weird spat with Tyler Breeze. Summer Rae is pretty great though. I'm really coming around on her.
  2. That's fine.
  3. I have no idea. Let's move on.




  1. Undertaker Tombstoned Luke Harper to end this kind of nothing of a tag match. 
  2. How was this not the survivor series match? It was setup perfectly! Just have two of them, who cares! There are four Wyatts, just grab two random buddies for the Undertaker. So dumb.
  3. Undertaker is still going after 25 years, so that's impressive. And Wyatt's PPV losing ways continue. He sucked out the Undertaker's soul but still lost. What's a world eating demon gotta do?

RomanReigns.jpgdef.jpg DeamAmbrose.jpg(WWE Championship)

  1. Roman Reigns Speared Ambrose into oblivion. Yet another forgone conclusion. And I know people are tired of it, but man, when Ambrose hits that stupid through the ropes clothesline, it looks so damn good.
  2. I like Ambrose way better. I think he's a better all around package to take over where Rollins left off, especially in terms of mic work.  I would have given it to him long before Reigns. 
  3. Well, it doesn't really matter because then this happened:

Sheamus.jpgdef.jpg RomanReigns.jpg (Money in the Bank Cash In Match for the WWE Championship)

  1. Two Brogue Kicks to Reigns and he was done. Sheamus is now your WWE Champion.
  2. I guess this? The lesser of two evils? Kind of? There are no winners here.
  3. Sheamus then immediately went on to align with Triple H and the Authority. Are we heading down the same "Downtrodden Guy vs Authority" storyline we saw with Daniel Bryan? Does WWE even know how to have a face keep the belt and be enterntaining? I guess, I doin't know why you should care. This is a mess.

The Verdict: This show amounted to two good matches, and a bunch of nothing. With the WWE Championship basically handed to Reigns before the night began, a lot of the tension was sucked right out of the show. The closest thing to a surprise was Sheamus cashing in, and at least that was somewhat exciting. But this kind of booking cannot stand. When everyone knows exactly what's going to happen, it's not fun anymore. ...this show was not fun...

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