Frankenstein vs. Superman
Wednesday | September 09th, 2009
1MARK: What if Superman had a lazy eye?
FRANKENSTEIN: What does that have to do with killing zombies?
2MARK: Well, nothing, but how much would that mess up his heat vision?
FRANKENSTEIN: Huh yeah, he'd hit the bad guy holding Lois...and Lois
Castle Frankenstein
3MARK: Maybe he could wink and just shoot one eye?
FRANKENSTEIN: Can his heat vision burn through his eyelid?
MARK: Would that help kill more zombies? 'Cause you're shooting the damn ceiling!
FRANKENSTEIN: It's these damn tank controls, come on man

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 Sep 02, 2009 | Meeting Frank
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 Apr 16, 2010 | Wolfnesia

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 Feb 22, 2006 | Uwe Boll
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 Jan 14, 2013 | Return to Sender