Scratchin Up
Friday | August 01st, 2014
30 Extra Looks - Hotline Miami (PC 2012

This one's a bit violent.  ...a LOT violent

30 Extra Looks - Spelunky (PC 2013)

Moving on with our lives, we visit a recent release (by my standards anyway)

30 Extra Looks - TMNT 3: Manhattan Missions (MS DOS 1991)

We wrap up our pilgrimage of TMNT games with a game made exclusivelyy for MS DOS!

30 Extra Looks - TMNT: Out of the Shadows (PC 2013)

Week four of our TMNT journey!  Sorry for the delay, moving is the WORST.  But to make up for it, we check out one of the more recent, and kinda better, games!


Moving sucks you guys.

I had planned on about a week of time lost, but everything went so wrong.  And then all of my stuff was packed away and useless.  But now I have all my stuff and I'm ready to get back to making the lovely content that you  Hoping for new comics and videos to kick back in next week.  We'll be going back to more TMNT games since we didn't properly close out the month of May.  Then it's on to more weird old games.

I currently have all of my gear setup on my kitchen table as my desk couldn't survive one more move.  It's been a hell of a few weeks.  Thanks for bearing with me and we'll be back with the funny, right after this!