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One and Done
Friday | July 03rd, 2015
Random Review - Moon Knight #15

Moon Knight has been one of the more odd Marvel series in general, but that's been espeically true of this most recent reboot.  As you'll remmeber, I had few kind things to say about that first issue. This book has had a schizophrenic feel. Ellis brought in weird street level stories. Wood followed with a little more mysticism, and Bunn has taken that ball and run with it. It feels almost like a horror book at times, but this issue especially fits that bill. Moonie is back to being a believer in Khonshu, but he’s having some issues with that arrangement.

As with any good Moon Knight story, you're never really sure if what you're seeing is actually happening, or if it's just in his head. The god Khonshu has taken on an odd form in this series, but it fits with the overall tone. Plot wise there's not much there, but it is a good one off story that gives you a little bit of everything: some pathos, good old fashioned action, and creepy death things.

The art is appropriately creepy for the villain in this issue. I do wish this book would get out of the dark and dingy colors that have been the signature of this volume. I know this isn't going to be bright like a Captain America book, but throw me a bone here once in a while.  I just feel dirty after looking at some of this book. But if that's their goal, they nailed it.

Moon Knight is a hard book to recommend because of how odd it is. Not a superhero book, but certainly not a street level book either. But maybe that's why it's been growing on me. It's something different, and that is enough for now. As with issue 1, this is not my Moon Knight, but I can at least now see how it could very well be someone else's. If you've fallen off the MK wagon, Bunn's work may be what can bring you back.

4 out of 5 Boogeymen

30 Extra Leg Drops - WWE Money in the Bank 2015


The American Dream: Dusty Rhodes RIP 1945-2015

I sadly do not know much of Dusty Rhodes beyond knowing that he has been VERY important to NXT and the development of new talent. I've seen a handful of his old work, but after being linked to the "Hard Times" promo dozens of times the day he passed, I'm definitly in for seeing more. He was a legend to the industry and I feel for his family and hope the Rhodes brothers have a good showing tonight.

We made it you guys, we're at PPV 3 out of 3 in the gauntlet that was May - June. Let's run down the three most important questions in the world and see how this show ended up!

The Setup: Money in the Bank is named for a ladder match with the winner receiving a contract they can cash in at any time for the WWE Title. It's one of the few named for a specific match, and not a general theme. What do they do after that match is over? Well, hopefully a lot since they opened with it. Let's get started!

Beer of Choice: Yuengling. Just got back from camping and had plenty left over. As a result though, I did not get a chance to watch it live, so if they changed anything on the recording, I wouldn't know the difference.

Money in the Bank Match

Sheamus.jpgdef. neville.jpg,Kane.jpg,DolphZiggler.jpgw/Lana.jpgRandyOrton.jpg,kofikingston.jpg

  1. Wyatt interfered and took our Roman Reigns while Sheamus pulled Neville's hair until he fell to win.
  2. Neville should have won
  3. Sheamus is clearly getting a big push right now. I would have LOVED to see Neville get springboraded similar to Kevin Owens, but he put on a pretty good show. Wyatt's new rivalry will be with Roman. I'm curious to see what comes of that. I feel like he's been missing for a bit, so glad to have him back.  Note: I hope Sheamus cashes it tonight.

Singles Match (Diva's Championship)

nikkibella.jpg(c) def. paige.jpg

  1. Paige kicked the boob padding out of Brie's bra and then was defeated by Nikki Bella. It was weird.
  2. By the "rules of wrestling," Nikki should have been disqualified. But really Paige should have won that match.
  3. It was a good match.  The "Twin MagicTM" that the Bellas employed is funny once when it's on Raw, but doing it again on a PPV is a little silly.  

Singles Match (Intercontinental Championship)

BigShow.jpgdef. Ryback.jpg(c)

  1. The Miz was there and then he hit Big Show with a microphone.
  2. They at least should have beat up the Miz. Kinda sad to have a title match used to try and push a weird storyline that doesn't matter to it.
  3. Hopefully this will spin Miz and Big Show off and let Ryback actaully defend his title.

Singles Match

JohnCena.jpgdef. kevinowens.jpg

  1. Another great match between these two and Cena took the second match.
  2. I'll take that, kind of predictable that Cena would win so we get a tie breaker match.
  3. Kevin Owens continues to impress and John Cena has put on his best work in some time. I just want to see more of them.

Tag Team Match (Tag Team Championship)

PrimeTimePlayers.jpgdef. NewDay_BE_XW.jpg(c)

  1. A pretty straight up match ended in a clean win for Prime Time Players.
  2. That! Those two have been working as a great team, good to see them rewarded.
  3. With Tyson Kidd out with injury the Cesaro/Kidd team won't be back so they need some new blood to step in and PTP is that new blood.  I'm just sad it seems like it will just be them and New Day because I can't think of another team I'd like to see.

Ladder Match (WWE Heavyweight Championship)

SethRollins.jpg(c) def. DeamAmbrose.jpg

  1. Seth Rollins held onto the title harder than Dean Ambrose when they fell off the ladder together.
  2. They should be co-champions. The idea that they both grabbed the belt down but one held onto it slightly longer so he wins is silly.
  3. I guess Dean Ambrose is done as part of the main event pictur now? That's a bummer. I like Seth Rollins, but he hasn't won a match in any kind of sensible way as champion yet. It's getting kind of ridiculous.

Final Verdict: A decent show in all, but storywise they're losing me. Certainly better than Elimination Chamber.  And up next is yet another network exclusive. I think they may be rushing these out a bit. 

Random Review - Velvet #10

Velvet is what you get when Ms Money Penny is actually a total badass and is framed for murdering an agent. She's on the run to prove her innocence, but as with any good spy story, there's more to this conspiracy than it seems.

Ed Brubaker has yet to write something I don't like, and his teaming with Steve Epting is always worth checking out. This issue is a lot of action with some of the usual spy/noir mixed in for good measure. The colors from Elizabeth Breitweiser are some of the best on the shelves today. The action flows really well and the lighting sets the mood perfectly. The art team is possibly the best around at making talking head scenes look dynamic and exciting. This is a book I could almost just look at the art alone.

Thankfully for us, the story is just as good. Velvet has been double crossed for the umpteenth time and is out to untangle the latest knot in the web. The running commentary from Velvet provides some spectacular insight into her character. And in usual Brubaker fashion, just when you think you have something figured out, there's a few more twists to throw you off. It's such a well crafted story that I always want more after the issue ends.

Velvet is a book that is even better than you would expect from this team. Issue #10 means we're at the end of the second big arc and things just keep getting crazier. I cannot recommend this book enough. Go buy it now!

5 out of 5 Dead Secret Agents

30 Extra Leg Drops - Elimination Chamber 2015

EC2015.jpgOk everyone, we're 2 PPVs into their 3 show rush. I'm not even sure this one was on PPV, it might just have been a Network special? I was never clear on that. Anyway, let's take a look at what happened.

As always, we're out to answer three very important questions:

  1. What Happened?
  2. What Should Have Happened?
  3. Why Should You Care?

The Setup: There's this big Hell in a Cell type thing that comes down over the ring except it has these little chambers in it surrounded by plexiglass where 4 of the competitors wait to be released and as a person is pinned, they are eliminated until one is left standing. Kinda feels like WMAC Masters. It's a decent idea, but boy can it be a total mess.

Beer of Choice: Dogfishhead 90 Minute IPA and Yuengling (I got a growler at the Dogfish Head brewery(highly recommended), but that was running low)

Elimination Chamber Match (Tag Team Championship)

newday.jpg(c) def. PrimeTimePlayers.jpglostmatadores.jpgtheascension.jpgcesarokidd.jpgluchadragons.jpg 

  1. One of the dragons fell down off the top of the cage and all three of the New Day piled on Titus Oniel to pin him and win.
  2. I just want Cesaro to have a title. This should have been a three way match between the New Day, Prime Time Players, and Cesaro & Kidd.  The other three were basically a waste of time and space.
  3. Titus O'Niel and Darren Young of the Prime Time Players surprised me.  Those teams could make some fun matches in the future.

Break 1:

  • I keep hearing the theme song.  Is that from the Offspring? Do they still exist?
  • Rusev is seriously injured!? Shit.  Oh, they're keeping Lana around to flirt with Dolph Ziggler...ok.

Triple Threat Match (Diva's Championship)

nikkibella.jpg(c) def. Naomi.jpg and paige.jpg

  1. Paige looked pretty rusty and Nikki missed a big spot. Naomi was on her game. Then Nikki won.
  2. Naomi should be champion now.  She's been performing the best in the ring for some time and deserves it.
  3. Nikki's time should be coming to a close soon and Naomi could be fun.

Break 2:

  • Oh Shit, they just said the theme is from the Offspring! I'm...amazing?
  • Kevin Owens sounds cool, but what happened to Sami Zayne? Oh, Google says he's injured. Poops.

Singles Match

kevinowens.jpgdef JohnCena.jpg

  1. Kevin Owens did so much awesome stuff that I can't fit it here and then he won HOLY CRAP WOW!
  2. THAT!
  3. This was my introduction to Kevin Owens and he's apparently the NXT champion. Getting a clean win over Cena is huge, but doing it with such a great match really solidifies him.  Rematch at Money in the Bank can't come soon enough!

Break 3: 

  • I'm beginning to construct a drinking game. When Michael Cole says anything about "Creating Separation", drink.

Singles Match

neville.jpgdef bodallas.jpg

  1. Neville hit the Red Arrow and pinned Bo.  Also, I zoned out and looked at my phone for most of this match.  I generally get one a night and sadly, this was it.
  2. Pretty much that, though Neville should get some better competition than Bo Dallas.
  3. I'm not sure on this one.  Pretty much a throwaway match.

Break 4:

  • Oh, Roman Reigns just doesn't count anymore? Eh, team him back up with Dean Ambrose isn't the worst idea.
  • Drinking Game Update: Anytime JBL talks about sports drink. If he references a specific person and event of a European focused sport (i.e. Soccer) Waterfall

Elimination Chamber Match (Intercontinental Championship)

Ryback.jpgdef MarkHenry.jpgSheamus.jpgrtruth.jpgKingBarrett.jpgDolphZiggler.jpg

  1. Ok, I lied, I my zone out extended into this match too.  There were some decent bits, but Ryback Rybacked the crap out of Sheamus and won.
  2. I'm still with Dolph on this, but Ryback is cool enough. Good for him.
  3. This marks the end of Daniel Bryan sitting around on the sidelines. We may never see him again. That would suck. Curious that they go from him to Ryback as an elevation of the title.  Not sure he's the one for it, but we'll see.

Singles Match (WWE Championship)

DeamAmbrose.jpgdef SethRollins.jpg(c)

  1. J&J Security and Kane hung around and did their stupid shtick yet again, but Ambrose "won" the match after Rollins threw a ref in the way. Rollins is still techinically champion since he lost by DQ, but Ambrose took the belt and ran anyway.
  2. I'll roll with that.
  3. After some time toiling around in random feuds, Ambrose just got thrust into the spotlight.  I love storylines that revolve around "I took the belt" and he's the perfect person for it.  Talking with "That Old Comic Smell" during the match, we both think this'll head to a no-DQ match.  Should be cool.

Final Score: Pretty underwhelming, though a few standout matches saved this from being a complete loss.

30 Extra Looks - 007: Everything or Nothing (PS2 2003)

James Bond is back! In an original tale filled with intrigue and exploding spider robots!