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Humans in Demand
Friday | July 31st, 2015
30 Extra Looks - F-Zero (SNES 1990)

Random Review - Defenders: Indefensible

We're jumping in the wayback machine for this one. Back in 2005, DC's heavy hitters in Giffen and DeMatteis hopped over to the Marvel side to put their spin on The Defenders in a 5 issue miniseries. Kevin Maguire was also along for the ride providing art duties. So we had the prime players from the storied Justice League International/Europe runs. They do a good job with one of my favorite super hero teams, but it doesn't quite live up to the, perhaps unfairly elevated, expectations put upon it.

As with any good Defenders story, the heroes are brought together through circumstances beyond their control, even though they clearly want nothing to do with each other. Doctor Strange becomes aware of a plan by Dormammu and his sister Umar to rewrite reality as we know it. Fearing the worst, he calls upon those that he's worked with in the past: Namor, The Hulk, and Silver Surfer. A lot of banter ensues, with some action thrown in, but mainly banter.

The fake reality they find themselves in that they must fight their way through is something we've seen dozens of times. Most of the evil versions of characters are played up for laughs at one point or another, but none so much as Dormammu. As little as I care for him as a villian, kicking him down a few pegs to whiney petulant child is maybe pushing it too far. He does still come across as a threat, but one who is clearly not good at his job.

While the slapstick began to grate on me by the end of the series, Kevin Maguire's art was great throughout. He has a similar touch to Amanda Conner where the characters are clearly comic books, but they have a real enough feel that you don't feel like you're looking at a cartoon. It's a quality we don't get as much in comics these days that I really enjoy. The coloring is great and it all reads like a dream.

Looking batch at Giffin and DeMatteis' run in Justice League, that was mainly a superhero book with a few laughs built in. By this point, it seems they'd gone pretty far into the humor side of things. It does work for the most part, especially with personalities that are built to argue like the Defenders. (Silver Surfer is particularly hilarious) Even though I would not consider this book this team's best work, the writing and art work together in a way that made for a fun read. And as with nearly every Defenders book, it was forgotten almost immediately and got to live it its own little world. So if you enjoy self contained stories and are in the mood for some laughs, Defenders: Indefensible is worth a look.

4 out of 5 All Seeing Eyes

30 Extra Looks - Sonic Adventure 2 (DC 2001)

30 Extra Leg Drops - WWE Battleground 2015

Battleground2015.jpgAfter the insane run we had a month ago with a PPV every 10 seconds, I'm glad we had some breathing room. I thought I was ready for more wrestling since it had been a while. Then I actaully watched the show. It's...well, let's take a look together shall we? As always, we're answering the three most important questions in wrestling:

  1. What happened?
  2. What should have happened?
  3. Why should you care?

The Setup: If love is a battlefield, then wrestling is a battleground. I assume that's as much thought that went into the name.

Beer of Choice: WHISKEY! Yet another "just got back from camping" beverage choice. This time the beer didn't make it back, but my whiskey was waiting for me with open arms.


  1. Randy "RKO Outta Nowhere" Orton hit an RKO Outta Nowhere.
  2. Pretty much that. Sheamus is ok, but I like Randy Orton better.
  3. That's a good question. Sheamus has the Money in the Bank, so he'll be trotted out to every PPV until he cashes in. There's no way they top Rollins cashing it so I don't know what they do with that, but in terms of this match, I guess it was just an old fashioned "I don't like you".

Tag Team Championship
PrimeTimePlayers.jpg(c) def. newday.jpg

  1. Titus O'Neil slammed the crap out of Big E. Thankfully not literally
  2. Again I'm on board. The Prime Time Players are fun to watch and so is the New Day. PTP needs to have a decent run with the belts to fully establish themselves as viable champs.
  3. With Cesaro/Kidd missing again because of Tyson Kidd's injury and the Usos nowhere to be found, these are basically the last two teams left. I'm not sure who else they throw in, but as long as they keep having entertaining matches, I'm ok with it.

braywyatt.jpg def RomanReigns.jpg

  1. Luke Harper showed up and hit Roman Reigns to give Bray the pinfall victory.
  2. I would have liked to see Bray win clean. He's had a tough go of it on PPVs for a while now.
  3. I guess this means the Wyatt family is back? Do they get thrust into the Tag Team conversation now that there's only two of them, or does this become a stable that just kinda hangs out? It'll be interesting to see what they do.

Divas Triple Threat
charlotte.jpg def briebella.jpg and sashabanks.jpg

  1. Brie Bella tapped out to Charlotte Flair's Figure 8
  2. Exactly that
  3. With three of the NXT Women being brought up to the main roster, they needed to make a statement. Knocking Brie out for most of the match so Charlotte and Sasha Banks could show off what they could do was a great idea. And then one of them winning by defeating an established wrestler does great for their momentum. This should hopefully lead to better women's matches harking back to the days of Trish vs Lita.

US Championship
JohnCena.jpg(c) def kevinowens.jpg

  1. Kevin Owens tapped out to John Cena's STFU(?) Submission hold
  2. The exact opposite.
  3. Third time through and these two still put on a great match with some new stuff to see. It's pretty awesome. But still, we all knew John Cena would win. Handing Kevin Owens the US Title and a winning record against Superman would have been amazing, but I guess he needs to drop the NXT title first. I'm hoping Owens gets big enough on the roster that when Sami Zayn comes back, they have a rivalry ready and we can watch them forever.

Break time for the Miz
"And the crows goes mild" - King

WWE Heavyweight Championship
undertaker.jpg beat up brocklesnar.jpg. SethRollins.jpg still champ

  1. As Lesnar was going to pin Rollins, Undertaker spirited Rollins and the ref away and then beat up Lesnar.
  2. Rollins keeping the belt was spot on, but the way it happened? Kinda silly. But then again, this is wrestling.
  3. Undertaker had wrestled but once since Lesnar beat the streak at wrestlemania. I guess now we get a revenge match a Summerslam? And then I think this leads to a Sting v Undertaker match at WM 32...somehow. It sets up some interesting story opportunites that surround those characters and the title. We'll see if they take advantage.

The Verdict: I wasn't too into it when I was watching it, but going over my notes and writing this up, I liked it more than I thought. Not much in the way of story, but the wrestling on hand was fun to watch and they at least have a few good bits to build off of. Here's hoping they get some momentum from this and kick things up a notch.

30 Extra Looks - Battletoads (NES 1991)